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The world is facing more and more social and environmental problems. We observe more and more disparity between the poorest and the wealthiest people in the World. There must be something wrong with the economical system we’ve built. And we obviously need to make changes. That’s what social entrepreneurs demonstrate. The first goal of a social business is to solve a social and/or environmental problem in a sustainable way, but with a business model that makes it self-sufficient.

Little Infinity | Little Greenfinity, together with partners, organized an exceptional talk followed by a panel with Polish social entrepreneurs.

The inspiration for this event was the book that Matthieu Dardaillon and Jonas Guyot, 2 young social entrepreneurs, wrote after their gap year – that they actually made in 2 years. The students were very interested in solving problems of the world, with social innovation and new economical paradigms. They dedicated their gap years to travel the world, to meet social entrepreneurs and to understand how “these ordinary persons with extraordinary determination” build organisations with an impressive positive social impact. After graduating, Matthieu and Jonas created their own social business – Ticket for Change and Corporate For Change – helping people to build a business or a career with positive social impact and to help corporations to be part to a positive impact ekosystem by supporting social entrepreneurship. In November 2017, the two French young men published an update of their fantastic book that gather portraits of inspiring people from all around the world and share their conclusions and lessons from their incredible life changing experience.

During this meeting, Matthieu Dardaillon and Jonas Guyot shared their experience from their trip around the world as well as from their own experience of social entrepreneurs and give us keys to understand that the economic system we’ve known so far is the cause of the world problems and we need to make changes to build a better world and an inclusive society. They showed us how each of us can really make a difference and have a positive impact as a social entrepreneur, an intrapreneur or an infrapreneur.

After their talk, we came back to the Polish reality and had the great pleasure to discuss with Polish social entrepreneurs Maja Lipiak (Leżę i Pracuję) Michał Cepak (Fundacja Łąka) about their motivations to start a social business versus pursuing a promising career in a corporation, as well as the situation and challenges of social businesses in Poland.


the meeting was held in English with no translation organised

14.30 – Registration of participants

15.00 – Introductory speech by Virginie Little, Little Infinity I Little Greenfinity

15.10-16.00 – Talk by Matthieu Dardaillon & Jonas Guyot, social entrepreneurs, founders of Ticket for Change & Corporate For Change, authors of the book “Entrepreneurs who change the world”

16.05-16.50 – Panel: “Why I chose to become a social entrepreneur instead of embracing a promising career in a big corporation?” with Majka Lipiak (Leżę i Pracuję) and Jacek Siadkowski (Genere Fun For Good) – moderation: Martyna RubinowskaAshoka w Polsce

16.50-17.00 – Conclusion by Virginie Little

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You can now buy the original French book “Les entrepreneurs qui changent le monde” (éd. Rue de l’Echiquier). More information about the book and how to order it: 

Or through the link

The Polish edition (wyd. Wydawnictwo Nieoczywiste) was introduced at the event for the first time and is now available in bookshops.

Meeting organiser: Little Infinity I Little Greenfinity
Patron: prof. dr hab. Boleslaw Rok, ALK
Organisation Partner: Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego – Kozminski University 
Partner: Ashoka w Polsce
Partners: BNP Paribas Bank Polska, Orange Polska,, Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu, Sieć Przedsiębiorczych Kobiet, Ambassade de France en Pologne

On the same day we organized a conference focused on social entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and infrapreneurship from 9.00 till 14.00.

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